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Cultural Change Program (CCP)


Sudan Airports Holding Company launched a Cultural Change Program (CCP), which aims to:

  1. Formulate values, methods and organizational ideas, and to transfor such ideas into behavioral patterns;
  2. Bring about positive behavioral change among workers in line with the planned performance results of the company;
  3. Enhancing the mental image of the Company to the customers and partners; and
  4. Contribute positively to the Program and its impact on  the company's performance results.

The most important and expected results of this Program include:

  1. Preparation of the leaders who operate strategically and instruct the development and succession with a view to enabling workers to achieve the Company's goals;
  2. Adjustment of  professional and ethical knowledge of the Company by issuing and designing the code of professional conduct;
  3. Increasing the pecentage of customer satisfaction;
  4. Raising the level of participation of workers in the formulation of their departmental goals and implementation plans, and evaluate their performance. It also requires the participation of employees in developing proposals and corrective action plans to rectify the operational errors;
  5. Enhancing the level of professional, social, sport and cultural communication among workers and inter companies; and
  6. Modifying the employees' personal behavior through work discipline, practical and positive thinking, and learning the literature of professional work.

The objectives of launching the CCP externally are to:

  1. Respond to the State Administrative Reform Program ;
  2. Show the experience of the Sudan Airports Holding Company as the first experience of a government-owned agency.
  3. Display the scientific and practical approach in benefiting from the international and national best practices as well as strengthening the relationship and communication with partners and customers ; and
  4. Benefit from the instructions and recommendations.

Program Panorama