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Who We Are..

Sudan  Airports Holding Company
It is a Sudanese company headquartered in Khartoum. It was established in 2012 under the Sudan Company Act, 1925 to become a leading regional company in the management and development of airports within the aviation sector, as well as contributing to the National Economy in accordance with the requirements of safety, security, quality and efficiency in order to meet the expectations and aspirations of all customers, partners and stakeholders.

 Key Strategic Objectives

  • Marketing Sudan airports in order to attract potential investors to the sector, as well as activating partnership with national and international companies;
  • Improving the airport capacity in accordance with the requirements of all States;
  • Securing financial, administrative and technical support to its subsidiaries (Khartoum Airport Company, Sudan Regional Airport Company, Aerodrome Engineering Consultancy Company, Sudan Academy for Aviation Sciences and Technology Company) to help them achieve their goals;
  • Commercial management of its subsidiaries, the implementation and monitoring of its action plans to ensure achieving positive financial results ;
  • Completing the construction of the Khartoum New International Airport to accommodate the projected air traffic, and thus ensuring the airport as a civic edifice.